it by the flight was struggling to climb。 It’s up。

  ”Damn, actually didn’t die。。。” The

  stock fund only felt that his left elbow was extremely painful。 He felt that it should be a fracture, and 80% was still smashing, but his consciousness was very clear, and there was no intention to die。 He failed to sacrifice。

  Depressed stocks were indignant and turned back to the yellow sports car that hit the red light。

  At this time, the driver of the yellow sports car timidly climbed out of the car。 In the case of so many people watching, it is not a good idea to escape。

  This is a strong Latino middle-aged man with a lot of alcohol。 Obviously, he must have just had a good time in the “dark winger。”

  ”How do you guys drive” The stock of funds, despite the pain of the left arm, rushed to pick up the collar of a middle-aged man。

  ”I am sorry。。。 I am。。。” The middle-aged man’s attitude is not bad。 He has a big tongue and wants to apologize。

  But the next sentence of stock-funding has hardly put all his wording back into his mouth。

  ”。。。How can I not even kill a person!”

Chapter 2。 2。 Forced upgrades

  Hispanic men twitched at the stock fund, and he doubted his ears。

  Through the crowd, the stock funds can not help but stop to take a break, the intense pain makes him unable to hold back, it seems that he has to deal with the fracture of the left elbow。

  ”Damn, do you want to go back and let the middle-aged man take me to the hospital” Stocks are pondering。

  At this time, stock matching heard the loud noise of the crowd。

  ”This young man saved the girl!”

  ”The rescue of people who are unwilling to take care of themselves is simply a bridge in the movie。。。”

  [Worship from George +1]

  [Worship from Amanda +5]


  Stock Funding Immediately I remembered the settings of the superhero system。

  According to the system setting, the host can upgrade in the Marvel world to ob

could no longer chat with the stocks, and then chatted。

  He had to get out quickly and fly back to his hometown Latvia to hide for a while。

  ”Right right, you are right! The registration bill is great! Listening to you, I also support the implementation of the registration bill。”

  In order to quickly end this topic, Dum perfunctored。

  After agreeing, he was just about to find an excuse to leave, but the stock fundraising suddenly said something that made him sweat。

  ”Since Mr。 Dum is so convinced of the registration bill, why don’t you register”


  Dum pretended to be a stunned expression, staring at the stock fund。

  What are you talking about

  How can I not understand

  The stock of funds knows that he wants to be stupid, and smiles and says: “Mr。 Dum, there are five people involved in the space project at the time。 You and Reed are together。 Five of you have encountered the same cosmic rays, and you can’t only Are they four variations”

  Dum’s Dum is ready。

  ”Ah。。。 this is the case。 When the spacecraft encountered cosmic rays, I hid in the inner compartment of the spacecraft。 Ben ran outside the hull。 Reed, the three of them went to the outside to save the book。。。”

  ”Speaking of them It was directly exposed to the rays, and I had the protection of the spacecraft, so the four of them had mutated, and I did not mutate。”

  After listening to Dum, the stock allocation was almost to applaud him。

  It’s a seamless explanation。

  Fortunately, he had expected that Dum would play with him and bring the humanoid detector Tom。

  Looking at Dum, the stock fundraising finally asked: “Mr。 Dum, I will give you the last chance。 Do you admit that you are a superpower Now that the bill has been implemented, it is illegal to deliberately conceal the identity of the superpower。 Do you know”

  ”Oh, why should I admit I was not a superpower, I am just an ordinary person。” Dum said with a smile

ifle。 The door was severely deformed and the Guandu could not be closed。

  ”Unfortunately, your old buddy seems to have died heroically。。。” Hank said sympathetically。

  The stock matching did not take it seriously, and spread the appraisal: “It doesn’t matter, anyway, this car was originally Frank。”

  ”Frank” Hank suddenly realized, “That 80% was bought by the money he used to pit。

  ” It’s true。” The stock funded smiled and nodded。 “The money to buy a car was blackmailed from a Chinese institution in Brooklyn。”

  “This old guy。。。” Hank shook his head in a grin, Frank was Brooklyn。 The famous old fritters, he has been madly testing on the verge of breaking the law these years, but in the end he always retreats。

  When I talked about it, there was a sound of a siren outside the tunnel。

  Hank and the stock match each other smiled, the SWAT team finally arrived。

  Hank glanced at the watch and snorted: “Thirty-four minutes and three seconds, the special police team is really ‘just in time’。” The

  stock allocation is a deep understanding of them: “This is New York, Hank, traffic conditions。 Too bad, I believe they have tried their best。”

Chapter 79。79, dealing with the wound

  and handing over the scene to Hank, the stock will be withdrawn first, and his waist was opened by the mercenary army last night。 The wounds, just fierce chasing the battle, let the wounds faintly send a burst of pain。

  In the far superiority of ordinary people, this wound does not threaten the life of the stock fund。 Because of this, this wound has become a complete burden – it will only bring pain and discomfort, but it can not be stocked。 What is the use of this kind of thing to keep the money

  Stock-funding is not a self-abuse addiction。 Of course, I don’t want to be harassed by this wound。 I only go to the general hospital for medical treatment with his special constitution。 The only way is to find the little nurse Christi

k of New York, not the military。” The stock allocation is a bit serious。 “Banna, even without military arrest, you can make sure You won’t be transformed in New York According to my understanding, any unexpected stimulus from the outside world will awaken the Hulk in your body。”

  ”I know that you are trying to control your emotions and avoid releasing the big guy, but if you accidentally get hit by a car when you cross the road, you will accidentally encounter a gun on the road, and even a balloon will explode in your ear。 。。。 In this case, you are not going to change immediately When you go around, killing people, but in the end, you use the phrase “I lost my mind when I turned, these destructions have nothing to do with me” Excuses, Dr。 Banner, are you not guilty”

  “I。。。” Bruce Banner ended up, and the stock allocation did indeed poke his key points。

  Elizabeth has quickly defended Benner: “Because of this, we want to get rid of that big guy as soon as possible, stock funded police officers, please don’t pester us, this is our business!”

  After that, Elizabeth picked up her luggage and held it。 Banner is ready to leave。

  ”Bruce, let’s go。”

  But the stock allocation also grabbed Bruce Banner’s arm。

  ”Dr。 Banner, I finally ask, are you really not ready to leave New York”

  Bruce Banner said with a smile: “Sorry, police officer, I can’t give up this opportunity。”

  After listening to this, online fundraising saw The stock is funded at a glance and is asking if the arrest of Bruce Banner is now taking place。

  Stock funds have shook their heads。

  Once it is done now, the citizens of this street have to suffer。

  So the stock allocation loosened his hand, letting Bruce Banner and Elizabeth go out of the hotel and escape。

  ”Very good, Dr。 Banner, since you don’t listen, we will no longer be friends after that。” Stock fund warning。

  Since you don’t want to leave New York with peace of mind, don’

e enough, online fundraising quickly found an overly intensive monitoring facility outside an apartment – such a cumbersome monitoring facility was too awkward for a remote, backward and poor residential area。

  ”It seems that we are right。” Online allocations are driving down the voice。

  ”Don’t take this trip。” The stock allocation showed a smile。

  After being smashed into a pool of drowning water by the behind-the-scenes black hand, the two police officers finally found his hiding place。


  Under the order of the stock allocation, the two people tacitly entered the apartment from both directions。

  Equity fundraising across the corridors far beyond the speed of ordinary people, it is difficult to distinguish his body shape from surveillance video; online fundraising chooses to fly around, such as a gecko climbing window to search for apartments。

  The two quickly found the suspect room – the outside monitoring equipment protected the place like the stars, the stock funds whistle to the online fund-raising outside the window, the two broke into the house from the door and the window at the same time。 in。



  Two muffled sounds。

  The sights in the room suddenly came into view。

  The stock allocation saw a messy, electronically equipped room with some complicated guns on the table, but the messy room had a very elegant piece of furniture – a sofa in the central position Superior leather and elegant style。

  And on this sofa, sitting a strange person。

  A super-powerful person with a huge head and a green complexion。

  Undoubtedly, he is the stock fundraiser and the behind-the-scenes black hand that NYPD has been working hard for for a long time。

Chapter 224。224。 The head of the head

  sitting on the sofa in the middle of the room is obviously the founder of the extraordinary alliance。 It is also the mastermind of several vicious incidents in New York in recent days。 His state is leisur

of assault rifles have to apply for approval, not to mention the missile cannons of this car 。。。”

  stock funds a headache。

  ”Who should I look for”

  Sergeant Schneider said: “You can go directly to Mr。 Stark。 If you personally go through the NYPD process, it is a subordinate application。 The process is definitely not happy, but If Mr。 Stark can help you with the report, he can directly negotiate with the NYPD executives, which will not only be more efficient, but also reduce unnecessary troubles。”

  Hank asked: “Stock capital, Mr。 Stark Should you leave a contact with you”

  After all, online stocks are very busy, Hank is worried that stocks will not find him。

  ”Reassured, I have his phone。” The stock funded said with a smile。

  Online stocks are still thinking about picking up stocks from NYPD。 Of course, he left his own contact information for stocks。

  Therefore, the stock allocation went aside and dialed the telephone number left to him by online stock trading。

  After a short wait, the call was connected。

  ”Hello, Mr。 Stark。” Stock allotted。

  However, the voice of a gentle woman came from the phone。

  ”Sorry, stock funded police officer, I am not Mr。 Stark, I am Mr。 Stark’s assistant, Pepper Potts。”

  ”Oh。。。 this way。” Stock allocations scratched their heads, “I can and Mr。 Stark talks”

  “I’m sorry, Mr。 Stark is not in the country。 He went to Afu Khan to talk about business。” Pepper said apologetically。 “If all goes well, he will return to New York the day after tomorrow。 ”

  This way。。。” The stock money is regrettable。 “That’s it。”

  ”Wait, the stock-funded police officer。” Before the stock allocation hangs up, Pepper suddenly said with enthusiasm, “Is it awkward to ask, are you ready to accept Mr。 Stark’s invitation You are ready to take charge of us。” Stark Industries’ security work, right”

  “ Hey” The stock was funded with a black line。 “Stark also tol