o capture such a big city, if it is not someone who rebels and earns the city gate, it is really not easy. Don’t say anything else, just the moat can be a headache. But Lu Qian is not in a hurry. He has time. And just a few days before his army went to Dongping, Yang Lin, who moved to attract dozens of people, had already changed his face and entered Dongping. At that time, there was no martial law. Although there were many dozens of people, they were divided into several batches, or they were shipped, or they were the porters, or they were doing snake-playing, and that’s not the case, no. The difficulty is mixed into the city. Yang Lin, When I moved to the two, I wrapped up the package, hid the silver two, replaced the eight-shoes, made a simple knife, and made the way of the road. No one knows that they are Liangshanbo’s heroes. The portrait of Shiqian was transferred from Huainan to Qilulai, but it was five points away. He wiped his face with lotus leaf water, and his face was yellow and yellow. A big plaster was placed on his left cheek, and the true face was hidden in half. No one can tell him. Yang Lin also walked in Qilu, and had a good relationship with Zou Yuan Zou Runshu, and this Dongping House has been here. When you are familiar with the road, you will not look carefully. At the same time, you will only move to the cold place, find a clean guest shop to rest, and then contact the staff. That night, the two discussed it, but Yang Lin decided to advocate: Do not act rashly, and carefully visit the things in Fucheng. On the second day, there was no tension in the city of Dongping. The two men went shopping in the city for a long time. When they walked to a street in Xiguan, they got tired of it. La Yanglin walked into a hotel and called a two-corner wine. Plate of beef, a large plate of steamed buns, to eat and then go. Yang Lin is eating, I saw that I walked into a person outside, not very tall, twenty-four years, high-profile, red, full body to do public dress. When you pick up a seat in the point, y

nd cons, entangled in staying in antiques or changing into money. Then a big sum of money is placed in front of him. I will continue to calm down. Although I know the value of antiques, it is different from real cash. The truth of the hot iron, Ye Dongqing, understands that he has issued a promissory note in the name of the freshwater investment group from his chest pocket, holding a hesitant moment and writing. Said: “You want them to be useless, isn’t it? The only reason for the existence of these things is to decorate your basement, and I am a Chinese. When your ancestors invaded my country, because of colonialism and interests, they caused great harm to my country under the orders of the Congress. Now those are all gone, I hope that they can live in peace with each other. The only hope is to bring them back. Go back to where they should be, and I am willing to give you a lot of money for this. This is a temptation. It is also giving the other side a step to prevent money from being effective. So I talked more about emotions. Ye Dongqing’s place to go is of course his private collection, and may be donated in the future. Or go directly to Huaxia to open a museum, but now he has no idea in this regard, just to let Little Brook III promise to sell things to himself. “1” followed by eight zero, the currency symbol was originally prepared to write pounds, The hand was slightly written, and eventually it was written as a dollar sign. The pound can be worth more than the dollar. It can save the province of course. He thinks that the current market is a very good price. It is just over a thousand pieces of porcelain. On the shelf, on the ground, everywhere, when the West Moore Marshal liked this, there are a lot of Golden Buddha, bronzes, and they robbed a lot of places, the landlords are rushing to send good things to buy life. Among them, there are also many Indian antiques, jewels, etc., as well as the things of Nanyang’s small country, and even some slashing samurai swords, which are messy and numerous. It’s n

was behind Liu Guangguo’s palace, hit the ball. The long shots and the heavy shields of the fight, can not be separated for a time. Later, Zhang Zhongxiong led the troops to rush, and directly called people in the left and right wings, the Western Army saw a big shock, here Zhang Zhongxiong introduced another The battalion soldiers rushed into the Western Army array, the latter could not support, and the festival retreated. Zhu Xi collided with Han Wu in the chaotic army, confronted more than 30, and was already in a bleak way. Call him to admire this Song The martial arts of the martial arts were born. Later, I heard that Zhang Zhongxiong’s army was yelling, and they all called: “There are two enemy roads coming! Called Zhang Zhongxiong, who was in front of Zhu Han’s attack on Han Wu, was shocked, blocked the rifle from Han’s five thorns, and drove the horse back, but it was going to the back. This is not a very good strategy, more of the enemy. The grasp of the military mentality. Liu Guangguo was determined that Liangshan Army could not watch him swaying and returning to Chao County. Although these Liangshan thieves made a great momentum, they still lacked. These great generals, the military will have more points than the Song army. This is a taboo in the sand. Liu Guangguo and the Liangshan Military Association came to chase and kill, only to spread the left and right soldiers and horses far away. When the time came, the sound of the guns rang and left and right together, naturally it would win for a while. Han Wu saw the opportunity to shoot a gun, the size of the military school, and stalked. These people are desperate to fight, and for a time it is also difficult for Zhu Junjun to pull out and adjust. Fortunately, there was Han Hao behind him, and he told the knives and bow squadrons to press the foot, and he mentioned the saplings and led a squad. Then I can see that the two teams in the road can’t stop the attack. The strength is not necessarily more than the number of Zhu Xi and Zhang Zhong’s bea

the Khitan who entered Handi at the beginning, and Puluhu was very clear. “Dead–” Puluhu danced with a mace slamming down, a huge head tore the air and made a low scream, and a Lu Junyi guard in front of him could not resist, even the person The knife was thrown out of the horse by this shock. Did not see that Lu Junyi had already killed him. “Looking for death–” screaming, a shot of spurs, when Puluhu did not respond, he had already penetrated his heart. Lu Junyi sneaked over, and the long shots repeatedly smashed out eight or nine times. The stabbing killed more than a dozen rides, and suddenly realized that the eyes were suddenly bright and bright, and they had already killed the encirclement. Looking up at the front, the white flag of A-Bing was erected there, but I could not see the figure of A-Bing. Lu Junyi immediately looked back and went to the line, he could not see the bones The shadow of the wilderness on the wilderness, the whole battlefield is like a pot of boiling water, boiling and boiling. “Kill–” dozens of riders behind him arrived. Lu Junyi shocked a long shot and led them to the flag. Xu Guanzhong of Yue Feijun looked at the white flag that was falling down and laughed. “Call me loudly, Ah bones escaped, and A bone escaped…” The loud cry first sounded in Yue Feijun, and then It sounded throughout the entire army. The Qi Jun, who was already fighting high, was more shocked, and the Jurchen soldiers who were already at a disadvantage heard it and looked up. The entire battlefield could not see the flag of Agu, and the morale and morale of the heart immediately followed. Like the flood of the embankment, it blew a thousand miles. The A-Bing in the battlefield naturally yelled that he had not escaped, but his voice could only be heard by a small group of people around him. The Han, the Bohai, and the Khitan in the battlefield, the fighting spirit is not really high, this time it was shaken first. Some people screamed and threw their weapons, fled backwards, and the chaos began to spread imme

the edge of the ridge and gave a greeting to the local taste: hello. However, the captain did not receive the ‘h’ or ‘hello’ as the little granddaughter said by the asked party. I was shocked and stunned. It is also bitter, and Professor Zhuang has never thought of being greeted by the old farmers in the countryside. I can’t wait to prevent it. When the captain’s life is not used, the captain’s special prize for the time is a heartwarming. He realizes that the glorious era that belongs to his old family is coming. One excitement will hang this special prize. On the high ceiling of the church house the old captain of the captain for a long time and the longawaited grandfather’s photo. When the captain felt that his old man and his grandfather had been waiting for decades to look forward to a Xi’an wedding car rental, now he has a car rental in Xi’an. This paper glory or a paper certificate must be linked to the Xi’an wedding car rental. The two elders who closed their eyes were also happy. Time wine: ” I always feel that it is not appropriate to put the certificate of the Xi’an wedding team on the side of her father’s dad and her father’s dad’s dad. I always feel that this special prize is not a rare thing. Lin Chunxiang was shocked by the time captain’s operation. She was a rural woman’s road. Xi’an’s wedding car rental family didn’t know how to learn. She knew that this certificate was a glory next to her ancestors. Lin Chunxiang seems to be screaming like a screaming chicken by Xi’an wedding car rental. “Dad, can you do this?” But is it a great award? You have also got a piece of Hongjiao, you don’t want to put it together? Well, she was so snoring, when she felt that it was wrong, Jianguo and Luo Jingyi glared at the anger. Song Hongfang is sneering and ready to watch the show. The old man’s heart is really big. Even the old man is doing things, she dares to put a mouth in it. I am afraid that she was not enough at the last time. “Old people, don’t mess with you if you don’t know what to do, I

endent, great.” Doyle said again. This time, Moline heard the words of Du Yi, and he actually – he was actually despised by more! “Okay! Very good, you have learned a new word.” Moline was a little bit smirking. Since Doyle said “great”, Moline had been teaching it to talk, but the little guy didn’t learn. The result is suddenly a sentence: Momo, stupid? Moline didn’t know what to say. “Actually, I am not stupid, I am more rude, so rude.” Moline rudely licked the head of Doyle, and was despised by a little guy who was still learning the language, so helpless. More eagerly jumped over Moline’s shoulder, Moline quickly stuffed the Dark Cube into the pocket and climbed out of the grave. At this time, the old witch had already solved the difficult smog. Lucas also struggled to get up from the ground. Moline’s stunned spell did not seem to completely stun him. “Black Rubik’s Cube? Where did the Dark Lord go!” Lucas rummaged around in anger. The old witch also roared, because the horseman had already picked up the bow and arrow and shot at her. Then there was a lot of shouts and the sound of the police car whistling in the hills not far away. The flashlight is moving in this direction. It is obvious that the battle in this place has caught the attention of Muggles. “Damn, Muggle is coming, let’s go!” The old witch snorted. “The Black Rubik’s Cube is lost! You can’t go without finding the Dark Cube!” Lucas didn’t plan to leave, he looked very unwilling. “It caught the attention of Muggles, and soon the people of the Ministry of Magic will come, go!” the old witch said, “I don’t want to show up in front of the Ministry!” Lucas resentfully fired a curse on the back of the horse, but missed it and beat a tombstone, and he snarled with dismay, and the old witch ran away. “Don’t want to run! Bring our things back!” Ronan angered and ran up. The rest of the Necromancer is still entangled in the horse, and Ronan has run very fast, but Lucas and the old witch have launched several curses, he can only escape. When he went to ch

n wedding car rental and fell into meditation. It seems that the elites have been sent away. Yin Yan did not work to take Lin Xiurui, she went straight to the bundled Xi’an wedding car rental, gray, She tried to distinguish each face that was full of fear. No?! “Yin girl. Suddenly she heard a familiar voice. “Cao cut? She went to the Xi’an wedding car rental and tied him up. “Is it easy?” Cao Chee shook his head and saw Yin Yan’s face white. He quickly explained: “Yi brother did not go with us. He said something after the exam, and he would not be with us. Yin Yin’s face is so beautiful, just Yi He’an, this guy… She held the long/gun’s hand tightly. Cao saw Yin Yin and said quietly: “Yin girl, you don’t have to worry about Yi brother. “Ghosts worry about him! Yin took a look at him and got up and left. Cao cut, who was inexplicably shackled: “? ? “Look at the opening point, brother. Lin Xiurui patted his shoulder. “Hey, you just said that Yi Xiong had to leave in advance, what happened? “It seems to be a Xi’an wedding car rental. “Send Xi’an wedding car rental? Lin Xiurui squatted, picking up Xi’an wedding car rental is not a big event, but it is at this juncture… He looks like the sky like a car rental in Xian Xi’an wedding car, flashing stars, close toThe round moon is hung in the hollow, and it is going to be MidAutumn Festival. The full moon should be reunited in Xi’an wedding car rental. The cold moonlight poured over and covered the lights in the distance. It also shrouded a carriage that was swaying. The horse’s hooves fell on the bluestone road and finally stopped in front of the Yizhai Mansion. “So many years, you have been living here? The voice of lightness sounded from the carriage, and the fibrin hand opened the curtain from the compartment, and the figure was like a weak wind.” “Well, somewhere else, I can’t go.” Yi He’an also walked out of the carriage, and his eyes moved to the next door. Surprisingly, the door next door was closed, and his eyebrows were light and wrinkled. “What do you think?

as been hiding in his own home by Chai Daguan. I haven’t been a teenager before, but I have never had such a moth. Isn’t this a clear-cut provocation of the imperial government? Liu Tang also thought of another purpose of Chai Jin, but he did not say anything; Lu Qian certainly thought of it, and he did not say anything. “This is still waiting for him to find us.” The speech was very ordinary, but it seemed to be like nothing but split him with Liu Tang and Chai Jin. Sure enough, by the beginning of July, Chai Jin had prepared a good table, and recruited Lu Qian. This will not be to talk about the wind and the moon, but to be true. “The big official, Lumou dare to ask a clear message, the news that the monks are living in Guizhuang…” The drums don’t need heavy hammers, and smart people don’t have to say anything. After three rounds of drinking, Lu Qian spoke like this. Chai Jin laughed and said: “Yu Houzhi is not in a position to settle down. Can Chai Jin say yes?” “The big official said it is not bad. I want Lu Qian to learn Wenwu from childhood. From the time of entering the public door to the 12th, I have been working hard for the first time, and then I went to the fly camp shit and speculative drill camp. That is to be able to make a head start, the light threshold, so I will show my ambitions one day.” “Which is expected to touch the temple Shuaifu On the stilts of the father and son. Gaokan sinister generations, in the past few years in Tokyo, there are already many young women who smashed his poisonous hands, Lu Qian also endured. But this bird must not be a thousand, should not intend Lin Niangzi, Lu Qian can not bear again.” “Lin Chong is my brother, more than I have grace. Lin Niangzi is my aunt Lu Qian. Lu Qian is keen on fame, but it is not the black heart. Suicide, Gao Kanna, escaped from Tokyo.” Lu Qian, who was leaning over here by Oscar, said that he was really sincere and full of sincere feelings. At the end of the day, the anger could not stop. He grabbed the jar of wine he sat on and poured

the big name.” But it is just a glimpse Is it a fame? The boat was docked, and the two sons and sons stepped ashore. Looking around the stall vendors and vendors, you can see the stretched smile on the other side. The Liangshan thieves and a team of five people walked through the crowd, and at one point did not let the people give birth to fear and fear. During the period, a child was playing, and one of them hit a thigh of a thief, and the thief was wearing a vest. The child’s power was naturally unaffected, but the child fell down. Zong Ze’s heart just gave birth to worry, but he saw that the thief’s soldiers didn’t take it for granted. Instead, he pulled up the child and gave him a forehead. The two children who played together next to each other, met only on the side of the children, laughing and laughing, mocking the child who fell, but the thief soldiers were completely fearless. This is called the crease on the forehead of Zongze. That is, Zong Ying is staying. “I don’t want the thieves to get the hearts of the people.” The drums don’t need heavy hammers. Whether it is true or false, it is illusory and true, and it can be seen at a glance in small details. This is greatly out of Zongze’s expectation, also called Zong Ying’s stunned. For a time, the father and the son were gone to the court and they were gone. Mainly Zong Ze, this scene in front of him called him very unacceptable. That is a group of thieves, they are group thieves, they are a group of grasshoppers. “Is there really anything wrong with this world?” When he returned to the ship, Zong Zeli looked at the market at the bow of the ship and could not turn his eyes for a long time. This official is not an official, is it not a shackle, the people… is still a group of people. Call him so good. This is a kind of shock brought about by the ‘reversal of the throne.’ So when Zong Ze was arrested by Lu Qian, the shock that the name brought to Lu Qian was also called that he turned to the general, he The whole person was a little dizzy in that mome

he strength of these two people is similar, the two will join hands and they will be in danger. They must first find a way to solve one. Mindful to turn, white Europe does not dare to care about it, look at the momentum, the alloy sword in hand, but the speed of the shot is only equivalent to the level of “everything changed.” He is too young, only sixteen or seven years old, and the strength of “changing a change” is most in line with his current age. These two people will inevitably despise themselves. And this is the effect of white Europe. The tall man sees the white Europe is just the level of “changing a change”, laughing and distracting, full of disdain, the speed of the machete in the hand is much faster than that of the white Europe, turning in the air, avoiding the white metal alloy sword, ready to take the first step White European’s right arm squats down. At this moment, the speed of the white metal alloy knife suddenly increased, followed by a turn. “铮”, the machete in the hands of the tall man was broken and was cut by the alloy sword. When the tall man stayed, Bai Ou launched a “speed sprint”, and his body rushed into his arms. The left hand took out the alloy dagger early, tied it in the belly of a tall man, then slammed back and daggered up. All this was done between the electric and the flint, and the short man standing on the other side realized that the Xi’an wedding car was late. The tall man made a terrible shock, and his chest was cut open with a huge wound that was one foot long. The internal organs were exposed, and they fell down on the sky. They could not live without seeing them. “Damn Xi’an wedding car rental” short man shook his hand iron gun, guns and flowers will cover the white European figure. Bai Ou’s heart is a glimpse. This short man is stronger. Xi’an’s wedding car rental has reached the limit of “蜕凡二变”, and he will never lose to Chen Weidong. Successfully trapped the tall man, Bai Ou sigh of relief, but this short man has been difficult to cope with, if you let the